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Way to Show Love and Affection to Your ESA

Humans have found a wonderful companion in dogs, such that the bond between human and dogs date back thousands of years. Dogs as pets are selfless individuals, showing their companions or pet parents with love and affection without asking anything in return. They will never cross with you and even if at times you can afford but a little amount of time with them, they will still be grateful.

Because of these characteristics, these dogs have been used as therapy and emotional support dogs. An ESA Letter and a therapy dog is never shy to show its love for those around them and tend to make their owners loved up and happy. 

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While a therapy dog is trained specifically to provide this comforting service, an emotional support dog has a personal relationship with its companion or the pet-parent. To enjoy a healthy and beneficial relationship with your pet emotional support dog letter, it is important and probably for your own benefit to learn how to return the love that your ESA dog provides you day in and day out.

Compliment your dog

Complimenting your pet dog upon doing something or giving your dog the verbal affirmation can uplift your dog spirit and show the dog that you acknowledge the affection and love it back in return. Though your dog might nor actually understand the exact words you say, the way you say it really matters. Always try to speak to your pet dog in a sweet and soft voice, which will definitely be translated into your show of affection towards your dog. Look for physical signs of affirmation such as a wagging of the tail, etc.

Spend time together

For ESA dogs it’s crucial that how long do dogs live, you spend quality time with your pet animals as it allows for you to deepen your bond with your pet companion. This can be taking the dog a mere walk or spending some time in an activity, either indoors or outdoors. 

Engaging the dog into various activities will also keep your ESA dog healthy and mentally fresh. A neglected dog or any animal for that matter can become sluggish and low on energy, something that a pet shouldn’t be. Especially an ESA animal that needs to provide you with constant warmth and support, which requires an active and happy animal. 

Gift your dog a toy or a treat

Once in a while do surprise your dog with a treat. This will help you bond with your pet better and will make it happy and over the moon, especially if the treatment is something that the dog likes. This can be a chew toy or it can be its favorite edible treat for it too much on. Different dogs have different likes, so make sure to know what makes your dog the happiest.

Take good care of your dog

A well-groomed and well-cared dog is a healthy dog, can dogs eat popcorn, yes and a healthy dog is a happy dog. 

A dog’s proper hygiene is important especially if it is an ESA dog that you love to cuddle and spend time with. Grooming is a job that you owe to your pet animals, in return for the love and affection that they provide for you. Many dogs love the grooming sessions, some like nothing better than to have the car brushed. You have to look for any parasites on the dog’s cat and look for signs of matting— things that can irritate your dog and make for an annoyed pet animal. 



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