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Bathmate Hydromax Pump Reviews

1st method of use of the Hydromax Bathmate - take a shower
Using HydroXtreme in the shower is the simplest method which requires the following steps:

Prepare your body by showering for 4-5 minutes beforehand. Make sure you use warm water instead of cold water as this will relax your spongy sexual organs and thereby increase the blood supply to them so that the blood flow is smoother.
After you have followed step number 1, add a 'tolerable' level of warm water into the cylinder while pushing the pressure valve at the same time
Now is the time you need to position your members in the tubular device. When placing it inside, keep in mind that the boundaries reach the bones of the public
Bleed the water through the valve to make sure all the water is drained
Now squeeze the actual valve so that the vacuum that builds up in the cylinder is safely removed
Take out the cylinder and free your members to rest
Do the exact same exercise three times in a row but with three short relaxation periods in between

Method 2 of use of Bathmate Hydromax - taking a shower
This is another easy method for men who want to use HydroXtreme differently.

The steps to follow this method are:

Keep yourself in warm water to relax your body and increase the efficiency of blood circulation to the members. Make sure you record the five minute check before proceeding to step number 2.
Pour hot water into the cylinder followed by the position of your penis up to your common bone.
Push the valve so that the water in the cylinder is completely out. Now push the actual valve so that the vacuum covering the shaft is removed.
Remove the cylinder so that the penis can now rest for a while before you repeat the procedure until it is increased to three.
So use them however you want as one of these methods is safe and effective unless you choose to use another method, namely without water.

The purpose of the Bathmate hydro pump is to increase the length and girth of the penis from its current size, also help the penis muscles become stronger which can withstand the main stress during orgasm.

This makes Bathmate's penis pump stamina enhancer due to the effectiveness of lying down in increasing penis size.

Working with a Bathmate or any other penis pump is a long process that requires sometimes, but you will not experience the terrible side effects that you may observe with penis enlargement or penis enlargement medication.

The sole purpose of Bathmate is to increase overall sexual satisfaction which of course comes with a larger penis size.


Penis Enlargement Pills

The herbal pills work by increasing blood flow to the genitals, and by stretching the penile tissue internally. Such pills are perfect for men who seek an enlargement of their "sexual limb" but are unwilling to use other methods of enlargement. Although herbal supplement pills cause an enlargement on their own, to ensure whatever benefit you achieve with the use of the pills, you should use them in combination with a quality penis enlargement exercise program. Before you rush off to buy any herbal pill or sign up for any website that offers penis enlargement, you should only choose the best companies because you are guaranteed to get results when using a company with a successful track record. 

Enlargement of the penis
How to use the Bathmate pump?

First you need to get into the bath with warm water, get inside and relax a little
Then pour a little warm water into the pump and put the penis in a plastic tube, close it tightly so that no air escapes
Start pumping the Bathmate towards the pubic bone, as the penis is pulled over the tube because of the pressure you will see water coming out of the valve
Don't do this process for more than 15 minutes; You can get a break every 2-3 minutes
When finished, press the main valve on the top of the device to release pressure so that you can safely release the pump. Valves can also be used to reduce pressure during the traction/suction process of the penis


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