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Descriptive Essay Outline Guide

Are you gain assigned to write a descriptive essay and you don’t know where to start from? Indeed it is a difficult task to write essay for me on a descriptive topic. What more important is to create an outstanding outline for your essay. Many of us skip this important step and consider it a waste of time but outline lays the foundation of your essay. 

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Essay outline

There are mainly three parts of an essay that should always be included. These parts are as follows:




By following the guidelines given below, you can develop an outstanding outline for your descriptive essay.

How to craft an introduction?

Composing a descriptive essay must begin with a catchy introduction to hook your reader’s attention. Essay can be interesting for the readers if the language used is attention-grabbing. It merges into a brief introduction of ideas that will be discussed in the body paragraphs.

The essay writer must use supporting evidence in each paragraph to explain his idea. Here you can quote any reputable source to back up your arguments. Generally, these sources are used to emphasize the idea that is already presented in the paragraph. When this expands into analysis, the core of the document develops.

The last part of the introduction needs to have a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a brief argument which you wish to explore in your essay. It must be in one or two lines and contains what you are going to explore in your essay. If you are confused on how to write a thesis statement then the key point is to summarize the main points which you wish to add in your essay. 

Body of an essay

The body of any essay consist with the surrounding information related to the topic. Generally, there are three body paragraphs in an essay but if you think that you need more than three paragraphs then you can adjust your numbers according to your need. Each body paragraph must have a separate idea but those ideas must be woven together to show a link between them. They should not be out of the tangent neither they should be similar. Many of us struggle with a descriptive essay and we don’t know how to start this type of essay.

Each paragraph must begin with a topic sentence that should include the idea of the paragraph and then explain it in detail. After explaining the idea thoroughly, the section must be concluded with the analysis. 

Conclusion of descriptive

In conclusion, the essay writing service must begin with a thesis statement. Thesis statement is rephrased to give an impression to the reader to emphasize the importance of the basic idea about the essay. 

The conclusion must have a clear last sentence in the descriptive essay at the end of the concluding paragraph. The best concluding sentence is one that leaves the reader feeling as he had learned something.

Glance on the key points:


Set the tone of the essay and hook the reader’s attention

Introduce your ideas and be brief

Write a thesis statement

Body Paragraph 1

Topic sentence

Explanation of the 1st idea (add sources if required)

Analysis of ideas

Body Paragraph 2

Topic sentence

For more key points ask a paper writing service.

Explanation of the 2nd idea

Analysis of ideas

Body paragraph 3

Topic sentence

Explanation of 3rd idea

Analysis of ideas 

 Conclusion/ Ending paragraph of an essay

Restate thesis statement

Summarize ideas from the essay

Write my essay with a closing statement 

Writing a college essay is not an easy task. It needs dire effort to produce an excellent paper with extensive research. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily write a descriptive essay.


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